NYU Postpones Gateway Pundit DC Correspondent Lucian Wintrich’s Speech Due to Threats (Listed Below)

New York University postponed Gateway Pundit White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich’s speech planned for Thursday.

They are concerned about leftist violence.

Lucian was invited to speak on campus Thursday night where he was to discuss leftist identity politics, thought policing, and the progressive fascism.

Last time a conservative spoke on the NYU campus leftists showed their tolerance by rioting.

It was a complete hate fest.

This afternoon Lucian received word that his speech has been postponed for a month.
The university wants to ramp up security so a gay conservative can come speak on campus without getting injured. This precaution came an hour after a group calling themselves (ironically) “NYU Against Fascism” threatened to disrupt the talk:

This is what you get after eight years of Barack Obama.

The NYU College Republicans also issued this statement via Facebook:

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