Muslims Gang Rape 15 Women In Church As Revenge For Pastor Sharing Gospel With Muslims


Muslims Rape Women At Church As Payback

A group of Muslim men in eastern Uganda gang raped 15 women and attacked several church members earlier this month as payback for their pastor for sharing the gospel with Muslims according to the Christian Post.

From The Christian Post:

Morning Star News reported that two weeks after the attack on Katira Church in Budaka District on Jan. 15, Pastor Moses Mutasa and eight other Christians are still missing.

The Islamic radicals, who attacked the 500-member congregation during an evening prayer meeting with clubs and sticks, reportedly blamed the pastor for leading people to Jesus Christ.

“Away with the pastor who is converting our Muslims to Christianity,” one of the witnesses, a church leader, recalled of what the attackers shouted.

The Muslim mob locked up the Christians in attendance inside the church, beating the men and raping several women. Some of the Christians who managed to escape the building were ambushed and assaulted by other radicals waiting outside.

The Muslims also kidnapped several Christians, their status remains unknown. Christians are viciously persecuted by Muslims in Uganda and risk their very lives just for converting to Christianity.


From Breitbart:

Pastor Mukenye has urged the Christian community not to retaliate with violence, but to leave justice to the authorities. “This act is evil, and police should not relent until the attackers are arrested and charged in a court of law,” he said.

Although Uganda is about 85 percent Christian and only 11 percent Muslim, some eastern areas of the country have Muslim majorities, such as the district where the church attack occurred. The latest assault follows a series of persecution incidents against Christians in eastern Uganda.

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