Muslim Migrants Shouted “Damn Germans!” As They Torched Refugee Camp

Muslim migrants shouted “Damn Germans!” and laughed as they torched a Dusselforf refugee camp.

The Muslim ringleaders were in court on Monday.

Angry migrants burned down their refugee centers in Dusseldorf after the complex ran out of Nutella and Gummy Bears.
It is claimed that the fire was started as migrants reacted furiously to not having chocolate spread and sweets. (Daily Mail)


Germany, a country of 80 million, received over one million migrants and unvetted “refugees” in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel expected another million migrants in 2016.

The Express reported:

ANGRY asylum seekers who allegedly burnt down a refugee camp in Germany had threatened to kill staff who they branded “a***holes” and “damn Germans!” an eyewitness told a court.

The shock claim was made by a staff member of DRK, (the German Red Cross) during an hour of testimony at Dusseldorf’s regional court on February 3.

He described how the refugees found it “funny” when the hall court fire on June 7 2016.

And the blaze took hold after the asylum seekers had made multiple death threats towards DRK staff in the run up to the blaze.

Staff endured taunts of: “Damn Germans, a***holes!”, “we will turn the hall into ruins”, or ”we will set fire to you, kill you all…and burn down the hall.”

According to the witness, an employee of DRK, staff had been handing out food on the day of the fire.

He saw the two suspects – Adel Z. and Mohamad B. – in a celebratory mood following the fire in the Dusseldorf exhibition hall.

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