Milo Responds to TGP Reporter in New York: It’s Very Obvious This Was Highly Coordinated and Well Funded Attack (Video)

Over the past 48 hours, Milo Yiannapoulos was attacked and punished for comments he made over a year ago in a three-hour podcast. Articles flooded nearly all publications alleging Milo was condoning pedophilia. While some of what he says could certainly be considered “cringe” to use a parlage of 2016, it should be clear within the context of the full video he is not condoning or applauding the crime that these publications and operatives are alleging.

Since Milo began his college tour last year, his work to bring a fresh perspective and wider audience to a previously stagnating Republican Party was immense and felt by all circles. Unfortunately, as he increased in exposure and message, he developed some very powerful enemies as TGP has reported on earlier today.

Pushing past protests and security, TGP was fortunate enough to take part in Milo’s New York Press Conference.

Today at the New York press conference TGP correspondent Lucian Wintrich asked the following question:

TGP: “We at the Gateway discovered that the original attack came from two sources, liberal activists linked to George Soros and a #NeverTrump PAC linked to presidential candidate Evan McMullin. These #NeverTrump websites and individuals who claim to be “principled conservatives” continue to invest vast amounts of money and time in attacking Trump supporters and members of the Administration, including President Trump himself. What do you think of these Anti-Trump groups and their continued attacks? Do you think these groups have any future in the Republican Party? What would you say to them?”

Milo Yiannapoulos: “Publications and activist groups and political operatives who insist on preserving their own power, these are people who have sold out your own country to line their own pockets. These people are dying if not already dead. Their publications have no readers, you know. It was very obvious that this was a highly coordinated and very well funded attack on me, I do have to take responsibility for what I said, none-the-less everyone at home can see what’s happening. And everyone at home can appreciate when Donald Trump was voted into the White House while the whole [establishment] Republican Party absolutely hate him.”

Protestors outside were audible, despite us being 11 floors above them.

Milo continued, discussing the populist revolution that has recently swept America and much of Europe:

Something has to change, there has to be a break at some point. This populist, nationalist revolution that is happening — anti-political correctness, pro-free speech revolution that is happening all over the Western World — is not going anywhere. For the last thirty years, speech codes have been the order of the day, rightwing politicians have run terrified and screaming when hit with allegations of racism and sexism. They have basically given ground on nearly every serious issue. Well, that’s changing with the rise of bold electorates and bold politicians. Donald Trump is an example of that, I am an example a cultural figure related to that social change, and we are going to represent the next 30 years.

This last 48 hours has been a horrible, and humiliating, and degrading experience for me, but I’ll be around for another 30 years. Many of the people who are organizing everything they possibly can to take me down will not be.”

After his answer and a brief pause in which some journalists nearly seemed to contemplate their own role in society, Milo fielded a few more questions and was soon out the door. Shortly after his car and security took off, the protestor’s chanting dissipated and us press funneled into narrow elevators and out the front door.

It was a relatively solemn day for most young conservatives, but Milo’s larger message does ring very true. Progressive and the #NeverTrump brigade will attack everyone and anything that they deem threatening their power and control, but a movement has already swept America.

Many American voters are excited and, for the first time ever, happy with the policies being passed by the federal government. As Milo said, “This populist, nationalist revolution that is happening — anti-political correctness, pro-free speech revolution that is happening all over the Western World — is not going anywhere”


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