Mexican Presidential Candidate Coming To U.S. To Protest President Trump on US Soil

Mexican Presidential Candidate To Protest Trump On U.S. Soil

The leader of the National Regeneration Movement in Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador, is getting ready to kick off a tour throughout the United States showing support for immigrants while attacking President Trump according to Univision.

Andres Manuel López Obrador is expected to make his third run for President of Mexico in 2018 as a far-left wing candidate.

Obrador is expected to visit Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, Laredo and El Paso. Obrador has openly criticized President Trump for wanting to build a wall and for “the persecution of our countrymen.”


From Univision:

The main purpose of his tour, Morena said, is to send a message in defense of the human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their country of origin in response to Trump’s executive actions.

“Every government has the right to create and enforce its laws,” says the statement from his visit, “but when they are unjust and have the potential to hurt and abuse the most vulnerable, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said. , The people, we must defend them “.

Obrador has called President Trump “irresponsible” numerous times for his views on wanting to crackdown on illegal immigration while at the same time acknowledging that if there wasn’t such widespread corruption in Mexico that immigrants wouldn’t go to the U.S. looking for a better life.
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