MEDIA IGNORES: 68 People Injured At Hamburg Airport After PEPPER SPRAY ATTACK in Air Conditioning System

Media Covers Up What Happened At Hamburg Airport

Early Sunday morning The Gateway Pundit was one of the first to report on multiple injuries from a ‘toxic gas’ attack at Hamburg Airport in Germany that sent 50+ people to the hospital. It now appears pepper spray was the substance that injured numerous people in the airport and caused a temporary shut down of the entire airport.

The mainstream media has completely covered up this story as will be shown later on in the article.

From Fox News:

Hundreds of passengers at Hamburg Airport were evacuated and more than a dozen flights canceled after some 68 people were injured by a hazardous material that likely spread through the airport’s air conditioning system.

The airport said in a statement that police and firefighters had concluded from their initial investigation the substance most likely was pepper spray. Authorities still are working to determine how it got into the airport’s air conditioning system, the statement said.

The 68 injured people — both passengers and staff members — had complained about breathing problems, burning eyes and nausea.

There are several things to remember now that this new information has come out.

#1. Pepper Spray doesn’t randomly just find itself in an air conditioning system.

#2. At Least 68 people were injured by the pepper spray, which shows that it had to be a significant amount considering how many people it affected and the size of the room.

In summary, a chemical was put into a major airports air conditioning system that is known to cause difficulty breathing, burning eyes and nausea. The chemical was also in large enough quantity to injure 68 people and force an entire airport to shutdown.


Media Covers It Up

After conducting a key word search and scanning the pages of several major news networks, The Following News Organizations did not have the news of what happened at Hamburg Airport on the front page of their websites.

Those that did not report include: ABC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and NBC.

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