Matthew McConaughey to Hollywood Elitists: Time to Shake Hands, Be Constructive and Give Trump a Chance (Video)

Matthew McConaughey to Far Left Hollywood Elites: Give Trump a Chance

During an interview with the BBC’s ‘Andrew Marr Show,’ actor Matthew McConaughey was asked whether it was about time that Hollywood gave President Donald Trump a break.

McConaghey’s response was refreshing, via BizPac Review:

“Well they don’t have a choice now. He’s our president now. Its time for us to embrace, shake hands with this fact.”

What, a voice of reason in the middle of crazy Hollywood. McConaughey went on to say,

“Its time to think about how constructive can you because he is our president for the next four years, at least.”

We shall see. Who honestly thinks Hollywood and the Left ill ever give Trump a chance?

The question remains if this plea will this fall on deaf liberal ears or will the LEFT just attack the messenger as they have done everyone else who dare work with Trump.


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