Make Argentina Great Again? South America Leader Follows Trump, Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration And Mulls Border Wall

The media establishment would like you to believe President Trump’s immigration orders are rooted in racism and Islamophobia. Thinking people know this is simply false.

Another country has recently enacted Trump-esque immigration policies, and no, it isn’t in Europe.

Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri has just followed suit with his own immigration crackdown and is even considering a border wall. Those who think this measure is to keep only Muslims out are sadly mistaken.

The Guardian reports:

Amid a racially charged national debate on immigration, a former real estate tycoon-turned-president signs an executive order to stop some foreign migrants entering his country and to deport foreign residents with criminal records.

There is even talk of building a border wall, while intemperate language prompts a backlash from a neighbouring country.

But this is not Donald Trump’s America and the wall is not intended to exclude Mexicans.

At the other end of the Americas, Argentina’s millionaire president Mauricio Macri triggered a diplomatic spat with regional neighbours this week after he signed a controversial order to rein in migration.

Macri’s centre-right government has said that the immigration order is intended to fight the rising wave of drug-related crime, which it claims is partly due to an influx of migrants from Argentina’s northern neighbours.

“Peruvian and Paraguayan citizens come here and end up killing each other for control of the drug trade,” said Macri’s security minister Patricia Bullrich this week. “A lot of Paraguayans, Bolivians and Peruvians get involved as either capitalists or mules, as drivers or as part of the drug trafficking chain.”

Like the United States, Argentina is concerned with drugs and gang members flowing into its country. This takes the wind of Leftists’ sails wanting to rush to judgement over the ban, crying wolf about racism. It’s about keeping people safe. The responsible thing for countries outraged by the new policy, is to reflect on their own state of affairs, and try to make their OWN country great!

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