Macy’s Stock Price Plummets More Than 50% Since They Announced Cutting Ties With Trump In 2015!

In July of 2015, Macy’s announced they would be cutting ties with then Presidential candidate, Donald Trump over his comments about Mexican immigration. At the time their stock price was trading at apprx $72.00 per share. Today, Macy’s stock is worth $32.58 per share.

(Screenshot from Google)

GotNews reports:

Macy’s stock was trading at a recent high of $72.31 per share in July 2015, shortly after announcing that it was dropping Trump on July 1, 2015.

Today, that stock was worth just $32.90 per share — a massive 54% collapse.

As a few big name brands have droppedPresident Donald J. Trump and Ivanka Trump’s brands last week, it brought to mind one of the first to throw down the gauntlet with The Donald, Macy’s department stores. Within a month of Trump’s announcement promising to stem the tide of illegal immigrants from Mexico, Macy’s cut off its 10+ year long relationship with Trump.

Macy’s is also under pressure from liberal fascists to remove Ivanka Trump’s products which TGP reported on here. The left always claims to be ‘pro-woman’ yet they continue to bash Ivanka Trump who is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She’s a wonderful role model for the modern woman, yet she is demonized because of who her father is.

Donald Trump defended his daughter on Twitter after Nordstrom announced they were dropping her product line…perhaps Nordstrom should take a look at Macy’s stock prices before attacking the Trump family…



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