MORE LIES=> Elizabeth Warren Silenced for VICIOUS ATTACK on Jeff Sessions – Not for Coretta Scott King Letter (VIDEO)

Senator Elizabeth Warren was Silenced for Her Disgusting Attack on Senator Jeff Sessions — Not for Reading Coretta Scott King Letter

As reported earlier– Senator Elizabeth Warren, AKA Pocahontas, was cut off from speaking on the Senate floor by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday night.

Warren then went to Facebook and Twitter to whine and lie about how she was cut off for reading a Coretta Scott King letter.

She is such a horrible liar and is trying to raise money off the lie.

Now here’s the truth—
Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren was silenced last night on the senate floor after her disgusting attack on fellow Senator Jeff Sessions. This was against senate rules. Today Warren is raising money saying she was silenced for reading a Coretta Scott King letter.

This is just the latest lie by Liz Warren.

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