Liberals Waging Psychological, Economic War on President Trump

Liberals are waging psychological war on President Donald Trump, hoping to destabilize him and drive him from the presidency. At the same time they are waging an economic war on Trump and his family by targeting their businesses and companies that conduct business with the Trumps.

The Washington Post recently reported on the war on the newly sworn in President Trump:

Having sought to create unprecedented disruption in Washington, his critics will now seek to bring unprecedented disruption to his life as president — including demonstrations that follow him when he travels and protests that will dog his businesses even when he doesn’t.

Already this week, Trump — the most unpopular new president in modern times — canceled a trip to the Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee, where local groups had planned to protest his appearance; the White House said the protests were not the reason for the cancellation.

And, around the business empire that Trump still owns, his critics treat each location as an avatar for the president.

There have been small gestures of pique: lipstick graffiti on the sign at Trump’s golf course in Los Angeles; and a plan for a mass mooning of his hotel in Chicago. There have also been more organized efforts to take time and money away from family businesses — a boycott of stores selling Ivanka Trump’s clothes and a campaign to flood Trump businesses with calls demanding that the president divest from his holdings.

For Trump’s opponents, these demonstrations are a way to change his behavior by denting the president’s own self-image as a popular man with a successful business.

…A protest “gets under his skin,” said Michael Skolnik, a filmmaker and prominent liberal organizer in New York who supports this sort of demonstration. He said he hoped that, somehow, getting under the president’s skin might turn out to be a good long-term political strategy.

“What if Trump can’t come out of bed for four days? That could happen,” Skolnik said.

The alleged non-partisan progressive group VoteVets on Monday debuted a psychological warfare TV ad targeting Trump that is airing on cable news shows. The ad shows a disabled veteran lifting weights on his one remaining leg while he speaks in a voiceover making insulting and otherwise disrespectful comments to the Commander-in-Chief.

“President Trump. I hear you watch the morning shows. Here’s what I do every morning… Look, you lost the popular vote… You’re having trouble drawing a crowd… And your approval rating keeps sinking… But kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act, and banning Muslims won’t help… And that’s not the America I sacrificed for…. You want to be a legitimate President, sir? Then act like one.”

“.@realDonaldTrump, we’re debuting this ad on @Morning_Joe, and taking it to other morning shows you watch, too!”

“We’re officially putting @realDonaldTrump on notice: “You want to be a legitimate President? Then act like one.”

On Saturday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) led protesters at an anti-Trump rally in New York City in a chant of, “Dump Trump!”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said last week she hopes to lead Trump into impeaching himself, reported CBSLA.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters said Friday that her greatest desire is to see President Trump impeached.

Her remarks came on the live/on demand news network Cheddar.

When asked what the American people can expect from Trump for the next four years, the outspoken congresswoman said, “Well, I hope he’s not there for four years.”

She added, “I hope that this man and who he is, what he’s done and the way he’s defined himself and the way he’s acting, I am hoping that we’re able to reveal all of this and my greatest desire is to lead him right into impeachment.”

Democrats and others opposed to Trump call themselves the “Resistance”, likening themselves to those who fought and died resisting Nazi occupation in World War II.

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