HuffPo Writer Tossed from CPAC For Handing Out Russian ‘Trump’ Flags (VIDEO)

A man named Ryan Clayton was thrown out of CPAC for handing out Russian flags with ‘Trump’ written on them.

Ryan Clayton is a leftist who is a part of Bob Creamer’s group ‘Americans Taking Action’.

Bob Creamer is a provocateur who was busted by Project Veritas in a series of undercover videos. Creamer used ‘bird dogging’ to incite violence at Donald Trump’s rallies.


Video of Clayton being removed from CPAC:

(PHOTO: Peter Hamby Twitter account)

Ryan Clayton harassed James O’Keefe and fellow conservatives at a recent Republican meeting in New York City.

Clayton was also frogmarched from the “Hating Breitbart” premier in Washington DC in 2012.

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