LATEST LIBERAL LIE: Statue of Liberty is Modeled After Cloaked Muslim Woman

Ten days ago President Trump announced a temporary ban on refugees from seven terror states.
The temporary block included travelers from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia.

Liberals called this a “Muslim ban.”

The largest Muslim countries in the world were not included in the travel ban.


Now this…
The liberal media is now rewriting history to claim Trump’s temporary ban is anti-American because the Statue of Liberty was based on a Muslim woman!

CBS and Yahoo carried this insane story.


Now the truth…
The Statue of Liberty was based on the Roman goddess Libertas.
Notice the similarity?

And notice that she is not covering her face or head?

The Statue of Liberty was NEVER based on a Muslim figure.
Only a crazy liberal would suggest such nonsense.

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