Two Judges That Blocked Trump Were Appointed By BARACK OBAMA And JIMMY CARTER

Liberal Judges Block Trump’s Travel Ban

Two out of the three judges that ruled in the ninth circuit court of appeals against President Trump’s travel ban were appointed to their positions by two of the most liberal Presidents in American history.

Judge William Canby was appointed by President Jimmy Carter in April 1980. He has a history of being highly involved in liberal causes and supporting liberal legislation like the Brady Bill. Judge Canby helped establish the Peace Corps in Africa which sounds innocent but is in fact a highly progressive organization.

Judge Michelle T. Friedland was nominated to serve on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by President Barack Obama in August 2013. Republicans blocked her appointment but Democrats eliminated the filibuster for judicial appoints in 2014 and thus rammed her through to her position.


From Heavy:

Friedland was once a member of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, a progressive legal organization, according to Senate Judiciary Committee.

Peter Edelman, chair of the group’s board of directors, was once quoted as saying that the group’s goals include “countering right-wing distortions of our Constitution” and “debunking conservative buzzwords such as ‘originalism’ and ‘strict construction’ that use neutral-sounding language but all too often lead to conservative policy outcomes.”

Heavy also reports that the third Judge, Judge Richard R. Clifton, was appointed by George W. Bush and claims to have ‘no strongly pronouced political philospohy’. However he came highly recommended from the Democrats and received multiple endorsements from Democratic Senators.

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