Ireland Has Already Started Banning Immigrants From Trump’s Travel Ban List

Hundreds Of Muslim Immigrants Turned Away From Ireland

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that last year the Republic of Ireland refused entry to at least 226 individuals that are from the same countries that are on President Trump’s travel ban list.

From The Belfast Telegraph:

The figures show that last year, 53 Somalians were refused leave to land, while 37 from war-torn Syria were also refused leave to land.

An additional 46 Iranians were refused entry by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, while 26 Iraqis and 47 Sudanese were also refused entry.

The figures provided by the Tánaiste in a written Dáil response to deputies Thomas Pringle and Richard Boyd Barrett show that 10 Libyans were refused ‘leave to land’ along with seven Yemenis in 2016.

This last week the Ninth Circuit Court ruled to block President Trump’s travel ban from seven dangerous countries that have strong ties to terrorism. Initially, President Trump responded in his typical manner choosing to show strength when he sent this tweet out:

However yesterday while on Air Force One President Trump showed his clever side by indicating that instead of engaging in a court battle which could take time and would leave the country exposed during the process that they may just file an entirely new executive order altogether which will fix the problem.


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