Iranian Regime Tests Missiles Stamped “Israel Should be Stamped Off the Earth”

Iranian expert Omri Ceren reported on the latest Iranian threats.

The regime tested ballistic missiles last week stamped with “Israel should be stamped off the earth.”

Fars News


Iran conducted at least two ballistic missile launches between President Trump’s election and last week, according to Fox News and Iranian officials. According to SFRC testimony from Obama administration officials, such launches are a violation of UN Security Council resolution 2334, which endorsed the nuclear deal (Secretary Kerry in July 2015: UNSCR 2231 includes “the exact same language” as previous resolutions banning Iranian ballistic missile launches, [c] and Ambassador Mull in Dec 2015: launches “would violate” UNSCR 2331 [d])

On Wednesday NSC chief Flynn put Iran “on notice” that the U.S. would begin responding to those launches, which White House spokesperson Spicer said were a “violation” of Iran’s international obligations [e][f]. On Friday the Treasury Department sanctioned 25 Iranian entities in part for procurement activities [g].

Over the weekend Iran launched more ballistic missiles including Qadr-H’s, which have a 2000km range. They stamped those with “Israel should be wiped off the Earth,” according to Iranian government Fars News:

His remarks came as the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) fired 2 home-made ‘Qadr H’ ballistic missiles from the Eastern Alborz Mountains at a target in Iran’s Southeastern Makran seashore some 1400km away in March. The missiles were fired on the sidelines of the main stage of the IRGC drills in Central Iran and various parts of the country. One missile had a message written on it that said in Hebrew: “Israel should be wiped off the Earth”. Qadr is a 2000km-range, liquid-fuel and ballistic missile which can reach territories as far as Israel.

Iran released a “missile strike” game targeting Israel during nuclear talks with the Obama administration.

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