Hillary Campaign Blames Barack Obama, More Than Putin, for Election Loss

The Hillary Clinton campaign is blaming Barack Obama, not Vladimir Putin, for their stunning loss in November.

The Clinton campaign says Obama could have done more sooner to help Hillary win the White House.

Who can forget this wild video of crazy Hillary Clinton during the election.


Maybe it was your candidates, Hillary.

AOL.com reported:

Hillary Clinton’s team is still looking for someone to blame. Their latest target is former President Barack Obama.

Some are saying Obama is more to blame than, James Comey, or even Vladimir Putin. They basically think the former President could have done more, sooner about the Russian hacking allegations.

The White House did know about the hacking before the election. President Obama said he didn’t mention anything because it would look like he was trying to influence the election.

He campaigned fiercely for Hillary towards during the campaign. But when it comes to an election that up-ended so many of the preconceived political notions, you can expect to see more of the people on the losing end trying to make sense of why Donald Trump is the president.

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