Healthcare Lawyer: ‘Obamacare Expanded Coverage To “Deadbeat Dudes” Under 35 with Tons of Opiates (VIDEO)

Healthcare Lawyer and founder of the Rotella Group, Bryan Rotella sat down with Tomi Lahren of The Blaze and revealed who is actually benefiting from Obamacare.

Instead of helping the truly ill-equipped of society, single, able-bodied men under the age of 35 were actually benefiting. He even referred to them as ‘deadbeat dudes’.

Tomi Lahren interview:


The Medicaid expansion isn’t helping who you may think.  Bryan Rotella, founder of the Rotella Group, joins Tomi to discuss the people who are truly benefiting from Obamacare. Brian mentions how the number one thing Obamacare did that he finds disgusting and that is expanding Medicaid to what he calls “deadbeat dudes.”

Rotella comments how for the first time Medicaid was supposed to be people with down syndrome, autism, the most impoverished among us and Obamacare expanded it to able bodied, single men. He feels that’s the issue the president should be capturing.

Here’s a clip with Bryan Rotella’s interview with Tomi Lahren. Obamacare is a complete fraud and must be repealed immediately. What kind of society do we live in where able-bodied young men are being taken care of better than the truly ill-equipped among us?


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