Hah! Watch Liberal Media Melt Down After POTUS TRUMP’s Epic Presser (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump held a fiery press conference Thursday with the White House press corps.

Trump slammed, berated and embarrassed the national liberal media throughout the presser.

President Trump decided to speak to the American people directly after the torrent of bad headlines and fake news stories gushing from liberal outlets since he took office.


TRUMP BLASTED THE PRESS OVER AND OVER, INCLUDING CNN — saying the network was full of “Such ANGER and HATE” and “Very Fake News.”

The liberal media was VERY UPSET after being on the receiving end of President Trump’s tongue lashing.
This morning FOX Business Network posted a compilation of liberal media cranks melting down after the Trump presser.

These elites are very upset that the president would dare confront them on their obvious bias.

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