GERMAN SECURITY OFFICIAL: Muslim Brotherhood Trying To Establish Sharia law In Germany

Muslim Brotherhood and founder Hasan al-Banna

Muslim Brotherhood Looks to Implement Sharia Law In Germany

In a disturbing report released by RT, the president of the regional department of the German domestic security and anti-terrorist service, Gordian Meyer-Plath, talks about how the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to establish Sharia Law in Germany.

The report says that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to gain a monopoly over the mosques located in Germany so that they can influence more and more Muslims into radicalism.


From RT:

only now, when a [large] number of Muslims have come to Germany, do they see a chance to expand their network beyond some central structures and become interesting for the new Muslims in Saxony.”…

The Muslim Brothers still want to establish Sharia law in Germany,” which would have grave consequences for religious freedom, women’s rights and democratic values, Meyer-Plath said.

The group is active in about 70 countries, where it builds mosques, schools and hospitals, presents itself as a democratic force and officially distances itself from an idea of the global Jihad in an attempt to win the sympathies of locals…

it is needless to say that it is a bad situation when the only Muslim structures in the area are controlled by Islamists and political extremists.”…

“They are going through the land with a fantastic sum of money and are just buying real property” to turn it into mosques, Meyer-Plath said, adding that the local Muslims often appreciate their efforts.

This is what the islamization of western culture and societies looks like and if it isn’t stopped it is going to spread to the U.S. where it has already gained a foothold.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit reported that the Terror-Linked Group CAIR is starting to indoctrinate children in Elementary schools in the United States.


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