Flyers LAUGH at Crazy Passenger Who Freaks Out On Plane! F-BOMBS! ‘I’m Bleeding All Over My V****a’ (VIDEO)

As Crazy Passenger Freaks Out, People Filming Her Die Laughing!

On Friday a video was posted to YouTube from an account that goes by the name ShawnDeere. In the video, a woman freaks out because the plane is not clearing fast enough after it has arrived in Denver where she claims to be from.

She proceeds to go on a moronic rant dropping f-bombs, talking about how she is bleeding all over the place while at the same time threatening to beat up passengers.

The passenger then proceeded to escalate the situation when she said, ‘I’m bleeding all over my vagina. Blood. Straight blood,’ then adding ‘Get the f*** off the mother***ing plane,’.


The best part of the video is the man who is filming it and the gentleman who is sitting next to him who can’t stop laughing at this raging lunatic.

***Warning – Video Contains Explicit Language.***



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