FLASHBACK: Obama Administration Attacks FOX, Press Pool Cackles (VIDEO)

Remember during Obama’s second term, when Obama and his administration not only choose to freeze out the FOX News organization but relentlessly mocked them and implied that they were untrustworthy?

Well, the MSM certainly doesn’t seem to remember any of it because every outlet from CNN to the Chicago Tribune to The Washington Post to USN to (even for whatever reason) Market Watch (who decided to take a break from their jobs discussing stocks to chime in)  all expressed shock and outrage at President Trump’s press conference earlier today.  It was an incredible press conference where President Trump, rightly so, called out the false reporting and bias being perpetrated by the MSM.

The fact of the matter is that OBAMA is the one who created all of this cesspool of leftist bias. The liberal MSM were so used to being stroked by the Obama Administration, while the Obama administration froze out all contact with every major conservative outlet, that they don’t know what to do with themselves now that their party is out of office.

Just in case the media forgets how the Obama Administration handled press:


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