Movie Director From Country Where They Hang Gays and Beat Women Bloody in Public Lectures Trump on Human Rights

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi boycotted the Academy Awards on Sunday over Trump’s travel ban.

After Farhadi won the award for best foreign language film his spokesperson lectured Trump on human rights.

In Iran the Muslim regime hangs gays and beats women bloody in public for not covering their hair.

The Iranian regime hangs teens for being gay.

The Iranian regime executed Mahmoud Asgari, aged 16, and Ayaz Marhoni, aged 18, in 2005 for being gay.


The Iranian authorities also punish women for not covering their hair.
Iranian police officers got involved in a physical struggle with three girls who violated “modesty” codes for not wearing veils. According to eye witnesses, the officers were trying to arrest the girls, but because of their restraint, a few men on the scene got involved and beat the women bloody.

All hell broke loose…

The women were beaten bloody.
Kamangir translated the story from Iran Press News and an Iranian Women’s Rights Group:

A female officer started pulling a girl’s hand to get her in the police patrol, but she refused. Then, a male officer attacked the girl. That was when others got involved. The girls were taken away by passing cars safe from the police.

There were rumors that this brutal event was recorded on a cameraphone.

Iran Press News (Persian) and Kamangir found the clip and posted the video of the aftermath of this vicious attack by the “Modesty Police” on unveiled Iranian women in Tehran.
Here it is:
(31 seconds)

But this jackass director wants to lecture Trump on human rights.
And the Hollywood elites cheer him.

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