Figures. Carlos Slim’s Anti-Trump Blog Attempts to Trash Gateway Pundit – Posts #FakeNews Instead

As mentioned earlier by DC contributor Lucian Wintrich — The New York Times published a nasty hit piece on The Gateway Pundit on Monday following the press briefing with President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.

The NY Times attacked The Gateway Pundit for daring to place a reporter in the White House press room!
The Times also attacked founder Jim Hoft and DC contributor Lucian Wintrich for posing in the White House briefing room while flashing the A-OK sign.

The Times, whose top shareholder is Mexico’s Carlos Slim, claims the hand gesture is an anti-Semitic symbol of white nationalism.
** Lucian’s grandfather is Jewish and escaped the Nazis to come to America.
** Jim Hoft has a photo of himself with Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and author-activist Andrew Breitbart in the the Gateway Pundit Banner at the top of the page.  It’s been there for years.


Anyone who has spent any time on this site knows that we support Israel and its prime minister certainly more than the Israel-bashing Old Gray Hag.

And anyway – we were just aping false idol Barack Obama.

The New York Times also reported this fake news:

The Gateway Pundit, a provocative conservative blog, gained notice last year for its fervent pro-Trump coverage and its penchant for promoting false rumors about voter fraud and Hillary Clinton’s health that rocketed around right-wing websites.

Now the site will report on politics from a prominent perch: the White House.

The Trump administration has granted press credentials to Lucian B. Wintrich, the Washington correspondent for Gateway Pundit, to attend White House press briefings and ask questions of the press secretary, Sean M. Spicer.

Mr. Wintrich, an artist and writer who has collaborated with Milo Yiannopoulos, the polarizing editor at Breitbart News, attended President Trump’s news conference with the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on Monday. He was joined by the owner of Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, who posted on Twitter, “President Trump just spoke about tossing criminal migrants and I wanted to stand up and cheer!!”

The left seems to be a bit concerned that the press room will not be filled completely with far left hacks.

We are honest about our bias.
They’re still playing games.

To be clear– The Gateway Pundit is still in the process of obtaining full-time White House press credentials. Currently we are attending pressers with daily passes. We are excited about having a TGP reporter in the White House but unfortunately it is not a simple process.

So the New York Times just posted fake news.
You’d think they would have know this?

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