FAKE NEWS: WaPo Says Trump Rally was ‘Demonic’ — Forgets to Mention Pastor in Story is Anti-Trumper

It took the Washington Post a little over one month to accuse President Trump and his supporters of being demonic.

This is what the liberal media think of this administration and his supporters–

The Washington Post reported:


A Florida pastor who took his 11-year-old daughter to a campaign-style rally for President Trump said he hoped the event would serve as a civics lesson — but that it turned instead into a spectacle where “demonic activity was palpable.”

Joel Tooley, lead pastor at Melbourne First Church of the Nazarene in eastern Florida, said that when he heard that the president and first lady would be passing through town, he decided to go see them in person.

“I am enough of a sentimentalist that when I found out THEEEE President was coming to town, I got online quickly and reserved two tickets,” he wrote on Facebook.

But the rally last weekend was not what the pastor had in mind.

“As people were coming in, there was a lot of excitement and a strong sense of patriotism,” Tooley wrote.

However, during a rendition of “God Bless the USA,” some attendees began to sing along and raise their hands in an almost religious way.

“People were being ushered into a deeply religious experience,” Tooley wrote, “and it made me completely uncomfortable.

Pastor Tooley wrote that when Melania Trump said the Lord’s Prayer at the rally it made him sick.
Really? The rest of the crowd LOVED IT!

But it only took about two minuted to find out the pastor in the story is an anti-Trumper.

Pastor Joel Tooley posted several anti-Trump tweets during the campaign and even last week.
Via Blasting News.

The pastor accused Trump of faking his support for Israel.

When Trump came to town during the campaign season, Pastor Tooley expressed no desire whatsoever to attend, stating that he’d rather go to Walmart.

The Washington Post did not mention that this pastor is a total Trump-basher.
What a surprise.

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