FAKE NEWS=> Media Hypes Far Left Trump “Impeachment” Poll Based on Aggressive Oversampling

A new poll by the far left firm Public Policy Polling found that 40% of registered voters want to see President Trump impeached.

But like everything you see coming from the #FakeNews media lately when you do a little digging you find that they over-sampled Democrats by at least 10% .

Democrats are having a very difficult time dealing with reality so far this year.


Is it a coincidence that these pollsters always over sample Democrats?
Zero Hedge reported:

This morning a lot of media outlets are citing a new poll conducted by “Public Policy Polling” (PPP) which suggests, among other things, that 40% of registered voters in the U.S. support impeaching President Trump. Of course, about 15 seconds worth of actual critical thought could have saved these media outlets from embarrassingly pumping yet another “rigged poll” courtesy of aggressive “oversamples”.

To our great ‘shock’, this particular poll used one of the most aggressive “oversamples” we’ve seen, with 41% of respondents calling themselves Democrats versus only 30% Republicans. With that kind of spread, the 2016 election should have been a blow out for Hillary…how could this be?

Of course, when you’re willing to completely abandon all integrity to progress a chosen narrative then you can engineer almost any results you want. Hence these results suggesting that 40% of the electorate would support impeaching President Trump.

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