Soros Funding Facebook Censoring Tools

The anti-mass migration NGO Einprozent has released a new investigative report that reveals who is behind Correctiv, a new organization that Facebook uses to censor ‘Fake News’.

From Breitbart:

€114,000 has been donated by the Dutch organization The Adessium Foundation which works on climate change and environmental issues and is openly funded by George Soro’s Open Society Foundation. Soro’s Open Society Foundation has also given €26,884 directly to Correctiv.

The George Soros funded organization is reportedly staffed in large part by establishment journalists from far-left leaning publications.


From Breitbart:

The chief editor of Correctiv, Markus Grill, meanwhile has worked for both the left-wing magazine Stern, which last April associated anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany supporters with Nazis, and magazine Der Spiegel which has run a series of covers and articles directed against U.S. President Donald Trump.

Der Spiegel is an extremely far-left leaning publication that published a magazine cover last week that depicted President Trump as an Islamic Terrorist who beheaded the statue of liberty.

Correctiv claims to be non-partisan and fair in what they deem as ‘Fake News’. However the results of what Correctiv is censorsing is proving to be anything but non-partisan.

From Breitbart:

In January Correctiv released a report on ‘alternative media’. Every media platform listed was to the right of centre, calling into question their claims of being independent and unbiased.

The aim of George Soros is to influence election in favor of left-leaning globalists who are for globalism and to destroy rapidly spreading populism.


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