EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW=> James O’Keefe to TGP: We Have Operatives at Media Outlets As We Speak

National Harbor, MD: The Gateway Pundit is live at CPAC covering all recent developments, one of which is the much-anticipated undercover audio recorded at CNN headquarters by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. The video which purports to capture more than just the bias and fake news that we’ve long since covered.

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James O’Keefe sat down with TGP to discuss this major story.

James tells TGP Project Veritas has operatives working at various media outlets as we speak:

Lucian Wintrich TGP: It certainly seems that the clips that you have just recently released, proves the bias that we’ve all long since known existed. So do you think that this definitively shows that CNN is blatantly biased, or rather, what would you say that this shows?

O’Keefe: Well, I’d say that it certainly shows how CNN conducts itself as a “news room”. We haven’t even gone through all the tapes. We released 119 hours of audio just today, we’ve only had the time to go through a fraction of it. We’ve released some bits here. Some of the audio is hard to hear, and it’s hard to identify who’s in it, which is why we’re crowd sourcing some of the work like we did with Democracy Partners and Reddit. But, if you were ever curious about the true nature of the CNN news room, this is it. That’s what it’s there to show, how they create their headlines, the objectives they have behind their own reporting, there are even some insights into how they identify journalism and how they see the role of a journalist.

TGP: CNN has already been taking somewhat of a nosedive in viewership with many viewers not returning. Since Trump’s win, they seem to not even be hiding their bias. Do you think this audio might put a final nail in that coffin? Could this shut them down?

O’Keefe: I mean, I don’t think we’re necessary going to shut CNN down, but stranger things have happened. Project Veritas does have some what of a reputation, every time we have previously released undercover audio/video someone does end up fired, someone does end up in jail. I think that this is the begging of the cracks in the damn forming, and I think that this is absolutely a tipping point. It’s the first shots fired, and it provides an incentive for other whistle blowers to come forward within the CNN organization. Our contact at CNN recorded over 240 hours of audio inside the Atlanta headquarters and he was courageous enough to come forward. I definitely think that this will inspire others to similarly come forward.

TGP: Many journalists accuse you of “heavily editing” your content, so just to clarify – none of this is edited at all? This is the audio in its entirety, completely raw?

O’Keefe: Yes, the CNN audio is completely raw, unedited. [laughs] You know, it’s also ironic when these journalists claim I heavily edit, because in all cases I’ll follow up by releasing all the footage we have, and they’ll turn around and attack me for it being too long and not edited. They don’t even know what they want.  But again, the CNN audio, we obtained that very recently while we’re currently in the middle of twelve other investigations. So we didn’t have to edit this down, or to go through and transcribe every word as we typically do. My critics really need to figure out what they want, edited or raw. This time, we’re giving everyone access to the full unedited, raw, tape. Now, we will be pulling nuggets from it, and we’ll be publishing those as we dig through the audio, but everyone will have access to the same source material.

TGP: Yes, a lot of the charges certainly seem hypocritical when you do have a history of actually releasing all your source material (unlike the MSM). Now, as another clarification – this was a person who works at CNN and was disturbed about what he saw. He came to you?

O’Keefe: Usually, we embed people… we still do that and have operative working at various organizations and media outlets as we speak... but in this case, this person was a source who has been at CNN for awhile. I am obviously going to protect the identity of that person, but this person knew exactly what they were getting into.

TGP: This all sounds incredible. We’ve all seen the bias and false reporting that has gone on with the CNN organization for years, I know many people are curious to actually – finally – get this inside look. Thank you, James.


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