#DemExit Trends on Twitter as Democrats are FURIOUS Over New Pick for DNC Chair

Democrats Just Ensured More Success For Republicans

The only people who are angered by the decision to make Tom Perez the next DNC chair are the Democrats. Republicans are actually very happy that he was selected for the position although they would have been just as happy with Keith Ellison because both candidates ensure the Republicans are going to gain even more ground over the next few years as both are terrible candidates.

Ellison however is constroversial Muslim who has strong ties to radical Muslim organizations and is very anti-Semitic. Perez on the other hand is in bed with the Democratic Establishment elites. He also has posted racist comments against whites.

President Trump was actually very excited to hear that Perez was selected for the position.


Democrats on the other hand are not so happy. The hashtag #DemExit was trending on Twitter shortly after news broke that Perez was the next DNC Chair as Democrats expressed their outrage.

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