David Rubin: Islamo-Nazis and Lefto-Nazis Are to Blame for Attacks on US Jewish Sites (VIDEO)

David Rubin, the former mayor of Shiloh and head of the Shiloh Children’s Fund, went on with Varney and Co. to discuss the recent threats and attacks on Jewish centers and cemeteries in the United States.

Rubin blamed Islamo-Nazis and Lefto-Nazis for the the recent attacks on Jews.

David Rubin: I know that there were many Jewish liberals who were out there at these ridiculous ‘I am a Muslim too’ rallies. Does that mean that they support jihad? Does it mean they support holy war against all non-Muslims? If they are saying ‘I am am Muslim too’ do they support wife beating which is prevalent in Islam? Do they support having four wives which is prevalent in Islam?

David does not pull his punches.
Via Varney and Co.:

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