CPAC 2017 Tells Trump Supporters to Kiss Off – Loads Up Speaking List with #NeverTrumpers (Updated)

The 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will kick off next week at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington DC.

CPAC hid their speaker list for the past month and just started updating the list this past week.

And just as we assumed — CPAC loaded the roster with committed #NeverTrumpers and ignored the grassroots supporters and websites that got Republican President Donald Trump Elected.

It should really be no surprise.
After all these “principled conservatives” planned a walk out protest last year for Donald Trump.
Trump withdrew from the conference but the crowd did give big spender Paul Ryan a standing ovation.
That’s CPAC!

This year CPAC ignored many of the top Trump supporters who helped get him elected.
These top election influencers will not be speaking at CPAC despite their work to get Trump elected.

–Gavin McInnes
–Mike Cernovich
-Milo Yiannopoulos Rumblings now that Milo will deliver keynote speech! — WOW
–Stefan Molyneux
–Bill Mitchell
–Paul Joseph Watson
–Jack Posobiec
–Matt Drudge
–Gateway Pundit
–Ann Coulter? (if she is speaking she is not listed)

Instead the speaker list includes this committed #NeverTrumpers:
–Katie Pavlich
–Dana Loesch
–Ted Cruz
–Carly Fiorina
–Michael Reagan
–Mark Levin

Face it Trump supporters – CPAC still hates you.

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