CHART ANALYSIS: January Gun Sales Drop Significantlyy; Indicates Americans Comfortable With Trump

Gun Sales Drop In Trump’s First Month

The number of gun related FBI background checks performed in the month of January was significantly lower than in December according to new statistics released by the FBI. The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NCIS) processed 2,043,184 back ground checks for those looking to purchase firearms in the month of January.The number of background checks that were performed in January dropped by more than 500,000 from the month of December.

Gun sales are directly related to fear so any time a major event takes place or is about to take place that causes fear there is a spike in gun sales. Examples of the types of events that cause fear are mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and political elections because people are either worried about their safety or they are worried that the government is going to take away their rights.

The chart below shows gun related FBI background checks from June 2015-January 2017 and highlights events that took place in areas on the chart where gun sales spike.


The fact that gun related FBI background checks dropped by such a significant amount in Trump’s first month in office is a strong indicator that Americans are more comfortable and less fearful now that a President is in office who they know will not take away their constitutional rights.


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