CBS Poll: Two-thirds of Democrats Say Islam and Christianity Are Equally Violent

Nearly 70% Of Democrats Believe Other Religions Are Just As Deadly As Islam

A recent CBS Poll revealed that 66% of Democrats believe that Islam encourages violence just as much as other religions.

Islamic Terrorists have carried out more than 30,257 terrorist attacks since 9/11 which remains the deadliest terrorist attack in world history.


The Top 4 Deadliest Terror Attacks In History Are All Islamic

Terrorist Attack Date Deaths Terrorist Type
1 New York City:
(World Trade Centre attack)
Sept 11th,
2,993 Islamic militant
2 Al-Qataniyah/ Al-Adnaniyah, Iraq:
(Simultaneous car bombs)
Aug 14th,
520 Islamic militant
3 Abadan, Iran:
(Cinema Rex fire)
Aug 20th,
422 Islamic militant
4 Beslan, Russia:
(school hostage taking)
Sept 1st-3rd,
385 Islamic militant

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