California Lawmaker Wants Schools To Teach About Russian Hacking Of Election! (video)

California Lawmaker wants schools to teach about Russian hacking

Remember when CA lawmakers wanted to teach students how to spot fake news? Now, Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-Marin County) is crafting a bill to teach about the Russian hacking of our election. Certainly, this will be just as unbiased. On Monday night, on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Levine attempted to make a case for his bill, The Pravda Act of 2017.

Carlson – We have no perspective on what happened and basically what you’re suggesting is adding propaganda from a politician into textbooks and why should I be in favor of that?”

Levine – “The intelligence community had an assessment  where they agreed the Russian govt, and Putin himself, had the boldest move ever in their interference in our election.”

Carlson goes on to make the point that there is nothing to substantiate the claims of Russia’s’ intent on the election.

Carlson – “Their (intelligence community) assessment does not say the outcome of the election was affected by Russian interference.”

This is nothing more than far left propaganda and, once again, trying to discredit the election.



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