Announcing Gateway Pundit Washington DC Expansion: The New Voice of Reason in the Nation’s Capital

The Gateway Pundit is pleased to announce our new Washington, D.C. expansion. With the lying liberal media currently monopolizing the White House press room, we have decided to expand our coverage to help correct what is going on currently.

For this expansion, I have tapped Lucian Wintrich to begin coverage from Washington, D.C. Previously, Lucian was fired from his position at a top New York ad firm after expressing his support for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. He went on to throw the first ever conservative art show in New York City and was an organizer for the DeploraBall Inaugural party in Washington, D.C. Previously, he attended Bard College, where he studied theology under Paul Murray, the first openly gay Roman Catholic priest; political media under Ian Buruma, who was disavowed by the liberal establishment after writing “Murder in Amsterdam”, a book about the grave dangers of radical Islam in the west; and Walter Russel Mead, a Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow and U.S. Foreign Policy academic.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, there have been over a dozen provably false stories that the liberal media has helped go viral. Outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post have gotten so bad that they don’t even try to hide their bias anymore. With the false narratives that the liberal media is continuously spinning, we see the expansion of more conservative new media as vital to keeping the public truly informed. Without a proper check and balance system on the liberal media, we run the risk of many in America being brainwashed by these false stories which, in recent times, we’ve seen even leads to violence against conservatives across the nation.

The best way for us to serve you and bring as much information to you as possible it through solid reporting from the capital. Another initiative that we are excited to announce is “TGP Voice”. Previously it has been left up to the media to tell you what you’re supposed to be asking, and what you’re supposed to be thinking. We don’t think that’s right; that is why now, for the first time in history, we will be crowdsourcing many of our briefing questions from you, the American public. Starting later this month, you will be able to tweet YOUR questions for the White House briefings through to a designated Twitter handle.

We look forward to this exciting expansion, and to bringing you, even more of the coverage that best serves the American public, coverage that is being largely ignored by the mainstream media.

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