Angela Merkel says Europe Needs MORE Refugees and Islam ‘Isn’t Source of Terror’

Merkel Wants More Muslim Refugees

Angela Merkel doubled down on her stance regarding Muslim refugees saying Europe has an obligation to take in displaced refugees from Iraq and Syria according to the Daily Star.

Merkel also spoke about working with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on fighting ISIS in the Middle East.

From The Daily Star:

She said: “The joint fight against Islamic terrorism is one area where we have the same interests and we can work together.”

Her comments about Islam and refugees follow her criticism of Donald Trump’s travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

New US Vice-President Mike Pence was in the audience and reaffirmed the US’ commitment to NATO in a speech of his own.

The Daily Star also notes that Merkel said that Islam “is not the cause of terrorism,” statements like these from Merkel have earned her the nickname the Hillary Clinton of Europe.

Even left-leaning German publication, Der Spiegel, reports that Germans are tired of Merkel and her reelection is starting to look less likely every week.




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