4-Year-Old Among Those Hurt at Mardi Gras Parade By New Orleans Truck Driver

Young Kids Hurt At Mardi Gras Parade By Truck Driver

According to a report from the Daily Mail a 4-year-old is among the victims from when a truck plowed into a crowd full of people in New Orleans. While authorities have neither confirmed nor denied up to this point whether or not the suspect was drunk, they have not ruled out the possibility of terrorism.

With that being said it is looking like this is most likely is not terror related.

From The Daily Mail:

Victims ages range from age four to their early forties, according to the New Orleans Advocate. They were taken to seven different hospitals throughout the city and five are in critical condition and seven declined treatment.

Valerie, a witness, told DailyMail.com she managed to pull a young boy from a ladder to safety. She said a toddler also sustained minor injuries.


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