Over 200 Companies Express Interest in Construction of Great Trump Border Wall

The Trump Administration announced on February 24 that it was taking bids from contractors on the construction of the great Trump border wall with Mexico.

President Trump signed the executive order for the border wall on January 25th.

So far over 200 companies have expressed interest in the border wall construction.
The Hill reported:


Hundreds of companies are lining up to bid on building President Trump’s controversial border wall.

As of Tuesday evening, 225 companies — mostly construction and engineering firms — have expressed interest in building the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a website for contractors interested in doing business with the federal government.

The list includes construction companies such as Caddell, engineering firms and top defense contractor Raytheon.

For the record– If the border wall cuts illegal immigration by 10% it will pay for itself.

Image credit: YouTUbe

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