Milo Yiannopoulos Told to “F*** Off” and “Go F*** Yourself” on Bill Maher’s HBO Show Real Time

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Milo Yiannopoulos was on Bill Maher’s HBO Real Time show last night and two of his fellow panelists told Milo to “Go F*** Yourself” and “F*** Off”.  Horrible crude outbursts like this are now expected from the left.

Piers Morgan was told to “F*ck off!” several times last week for defending President Trump.  This is what the left has been reduced to. Screaming unhinged fanatics.

Not so funny comedian and host of the cancelled Daily Show daily series Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore, told Milo to “go f*** yourself” for Milo’s attack on comedienne Leslie Jones and his criticism of the Real Time panel.  Milo pointed out Jones was not so bright and could hardly spell.  (Twitter shut down Milo’s account after he tweeted similar things about Jones.  Most conservatives on Twitter saw this more as an attempt to shut down Milo due to his popularity, wit and effectiveness in breaking down the flawed policies of the left, like political correctness, feminism and transgender men in women’s restrooms.)

Early in the show Milo called Bill Maher’s HBO panel “stupid” and implored Maher to invite “higher I.Q.” people after guest Malcolm Nance questioned if he was truly gay.

Later in the show, Nance, upon finding out that Yiannopoulos is not an American citizen, told Milo to “f*** off.’

Milo again showed his courageous character in standing up to the nasty and crude bullies of the far left.

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