WOW! New York Times Likens PEOTUS Trump To A Crackhead Dad

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The New York Times posted an op-ed in their Opinion Newsletter comparing Trump to a crackhead!

What a classy way to refer to our newly elected President! 

Frank Bruni of the NYT penned the following:

Donald Trump rightly reprimanded House Republicans on Tuesday for their move to disembowel the Office of Congressional Ethics, but let’s not be duped or dumb. This was like a crackhead dad fuming at his kids for smoking a little weed.

Their conduct hardly measured up to his, which obviously encouraged it. When they look at him, here’s what they see: a presidential candidate who broke with decades of precedent by refusing to release his tax returns and thus shine a light on his conflicts of interest. A president-elect who has yet to spell out how he would eliminate those conflicts — and who has, instead, repeatedly reminded reporters and voters that he’s under no explicit legal obligation to eliminate them at all. A plutocrat whose children have toggled back and forthbetween his government activities and his corporate interests, raising questions about the separation of the two.

Can you imagine if a Conservative site likened Obama to a crackhead a couple of weeks before his inauguration? There would be a huge backlash, but fake news leftist sites get a pass. They even brought up Trump’s tax returns (AGAIN) and took shots at Trump’s children.

Strange how leftists never questioned Hillary over Chelsea Clinton’s involvement with the Clinton Foundation, her near $1 million a year salary or the fact that her multi-million dollar wedding was paid for by Clinton Foundation contributions.


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