Wow! Imam Curses Christians And Jews At Trump-Attended Interfaith Service In D.C. (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump attended an interfaith service at the Washington National Cathedral on January 21st. It was a beautiful service until an Imam read from the Quran, cursing Christians and Jews. Of course he recited this prayer in Arabic so the only people attending who were able to understand him were most likely Muslim.

Via Gates of Vienna:


During every Friday prayer service in every mosque, Sura 1 of the Koran is recited. The meaning of what is said — that Jews incurred the wrath of Allah, and that Christians went astray — is supported by all authoritative tafsirs on the Koran. And every Muslim who pays any attention to his religion understands what it means.

Last Saturday, at a National Prayer Service in Washington D.C. attended by President Donald Trump, an imam named Mr. Sajid Tarar recited Sura 1, calling on his god to show special disfavor to Jews and Christians. As it happens, Mr. Magid is a known Muslim Brotherhood operative.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

0:29 I seek refuge in allah from Satan.
0:37 Thanks be to allah the merciful one. Guide us on the right path
0:40 for those whom you blessed (muslims), not the path of the ones
0:43 you are angry at (Jews) and the ones who went astray (Christians).

This is true Islam, folks! They curse Christians and Jews right in front of us. They don’t even hide it anymore. Imams should never be allowed to participate in prayer services as they are only praying for our downfall and death.

Video with subtitles:

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

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