WOW! Chicago Police Say Racist Anti-Trump Beating, Kidnapping, Torture Was NOT a Hate Crime (Updated)

UPDATE — Chicago officials finally charged the perpetrators with hate crimes.

A white man was kidnapped, gagged and beaten by a racist black Chicago gang this week.
The shocking video was put up on Facebook Live.

In the video Facebook user Brittany Herring and others gag, slap, beat and cut a terrified unidentified white male.
(Brittany’s Facebook account is still active.)



They scream at him “F*ck Donald Trump!” and “F*ck whit people!”
The video of the attack goes on for 30 minutes!

The man was very lucky he got out of there alive.

The kidnap victim was forced to drink toilet water.

Now This….
Chicago Police came out on Thursday and said the attack did not qualify as a hate crime.
Chicago Police Department Commander Kevin Duffin:

“Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids, they’re legally adults. But they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.”

–Here’s the video…….
Via Mike Cernovich:

Chicago police called it a “simple battery” – some of it “just stupidity.”

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