WINNING AGAIN! Bayer Promises Trump Multi-Billion Dollar Investment In The U.S., New Jobs

Can’t Stop, Won’ Stop Winning

Okay, this is becoming ridiculous. President-Elect Donald Trump is winning so much for the American people that by the time we finish up a story on a company that has decided to create news jobs here in the U.S. or a company that will not ship jobs out of the country, a new story emerges of yet another company that will be doing the same thing.

Now the German chemical giant Bayer AG is promising President-Elect Donald Trump that it will spend billions of dollars here in the U.S. on research and development, creating new jobs.

From Fox Business:

“After [Trump’s] meeting with Bayer and Monsanto CEOs, Bayer has committed to $8 billion in new U.S. research and development. Bayer will also keep 100% of Monsanto’s 9,000 plus U.S. workforce, and add 3,000 new U.S. high-tech jobs,” incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said during a press conference call.

Separately, the companies promised to spend $16 billion for research and development in agriculture over the next six years with half of those funds dedicated to the U.S. “This is an investment in innovation and people that will create several thousand new high-tech, well-paying jobs after integration is complete, jobs that will keep America at the forefront of agricultural innovation and that serve U.S. farmers by delivering better products and services faster” according to a joint statement released by Bayer’s CEO Werner Baumann and Monsanto chief Hugh Grant.


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