WATCH=>Trump Spox Sean Spicer UNLOAD ON LIBERAL MEDIA over Anti-Trump Bias (VIDEO)

Wow! This guy is good!
Donald Trump White House Spokesman Sean Spicer UNLOADED on the Liberal media today during his Monday presser.

Sean was asked about the Trump administration’s statement on the Holocaust. The liberal mainstream media attacked the administration for leaving the word “Jews” off of the statement. (The statement was written by a Jewish official in the Trump White House whose relatives were Holocaust victims.)

Sean Spicer went off!


Sean Spicer: To sit there and suggest he was trying to single out anything in a people he has shown such tremendous respect for. And such a willingness in the State of Israel to go out there and show a partnership that needs to exist. And when you contrast that frankly, a statement, a statement, and you look at the actions of the last administration, the Iran nuclear deal, them giving Palestine an equal footing in term of the amendment that was passed in the US Security Council on the way out the door? To compare a statement that remembers the Holocaust with the actions of the last eight years and the disrespect that was shown to Israel, is unbelievable!

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