Watch Tucker Carlson Absolutely Embarrass Democrat Jehmu Greene (VIDEO)

Jehmu Greene Gets Schooled By Tucker Carlson

Jehmu Greene gets absolutely blasted by Tucker Carlson in an interview on Fox News on Monday night.

Carlson points out how Greene referred to what happened in November as the “alleged election” and asks her to clarify what she meant by her statement.

Greene responds by saying “Something happened in this election with Russia. Something happened that was so significant that the Democratic members of congress that got that classified briefing stormed out of that room.”


She goes on to complain about what Trump is doing on Martin Luther King Day (doesn’t actually say what he is doing) but she ignores the fact that relatives of Martin Luther King voted for Trump.

Carlson turns around and asks her if she is going to go around campaigning on the message that Hillary would have won if it wasn’t for the Russians, which is what she previously indicated was the case.

Greene responds by saying that she never said that and that Carlson is putting words in her mouth.

If the Democratic party continues acting this way they can expect to continue to lose seats across the country in record numbers to the Republicans.



Hat Tip: ‎Dawn McKinney‎ 

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