Video: PEOTUS Trump Impromptu New Year’s Eve Press Conference

President-elect Donald Trump took questions from the press Saturday night at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, as he and wife Melania were headed toward his annual New Year’s Eve party held at the Grand Ballroom there.


The impromptu press conference was shown on the Fox News Channel and posted to YouTube:

CMBC’s Steve Kopack posted transcripts of some of the Q&A:

“TRUMP, asked if he will meet president of Taiwan if she travels to the US: “We’ll see” (via Reuters & pool)”

“Full quote from Trump on just wanting intelligence comm. “to be sure” about hacking bc “weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster””

“Trump, asked about cyber security, says important things should be WRITTEN and delivered by COURIER. Also Barron Trump gets a shout-out (?)”

“Trump says he spoke to OBAMA again “yesterday” and “he’s been very nice”

Trump was asked at the end what is his New Year’s resolution. He answered, “Make America great again. Okay? You knew that one!”

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