UPDATE: U2 CANCELS Release Of New Album In Protest To Trump… It Must be a Real Dud

UPDATE! U2 will CANCEL release of their new album to protest the Trump presidency

Once again, the entertainment industry is showing they are out of touch with reality! Earlier in the week, U2 blamed Donald Trump for the delay of the release of their latest album.  Now they are threatening to cancel it altogether until Trump resigns from the presidency!

Does the ego of the Hollywood elite know no bounds?

From YourNewsWilre.com:

“Speaking to the Rolling Stone, guitarist The Edge said that U2 ha canceled the release of the completed album and will take some “breathing space” because of Trump’s ascension to the White House.”

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U2 front man, Bono, also has a great way to combat ISIS, and that is with COMEDY! You can’t make this up!

Bono – “Don’t laugh, I think comedy should be deployed”.

Why would be laugh at that Bono?? He can’t be serious here…can he??

Here’s the video:

U2 fans are going to be very disappointed in this!  But they’ll get over it.


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