Unhinged! Philly Councilwoman Lays Down In The Street – Joins “Die-In” Protest Against Trump

Unhinged! Philadelphia Councilwoman, Helen Gym participated in a protest against Donald Trump’s repeal of Obamacare by laying down in the street in what she called a “Die-in”.

She proudly posted pictures of herself on her Twitter account laying down in the street with the hashtags ‘#PeopleFirst #GOPretreat and #PhillyResists’. Because playing dead in the street gets so much accomplished…


This is the left, folks! They lost the election for this very reason, yet they are doubling down on their insanity! The truth is that many Americans deductibles and premiums skyrocketed while coverage deteriorated under the failed Obamacare system. The only people who benefit from Obamacare are the people who don’t pay for it.


I find it strange that Helen Gym says she is standing up for ‘All of us’ when she’s only representing the left’s failed policies of redistribution of wealth.

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