Tucker Carlson Grills Fortune Senior Writer Who Defended Buzzfeed (video)

Tucker Carlson Grills Fortune senior writer who defended Buzzfeed’s release of unverified, malicious documents on Trump.

Journalism standards are at an all time low when publications, such as Buzzfeed, no longer feel the need to verify information in their possession.  Such was the case in the malicious and unverified fake “gloden shower” dossier on Trump.

Tucker Carlson HAMMERED Fortune senior writer Mathew Ingram last night and never let up!


Tucker Carlson – “News organizations publish untrue information all the time, but to their credit, its usually by accident. On Tuesday Buzzfeed chose to release a 35 page dossier on Trump, whose content even Buzzfeeds editors admitted couldn’t be verified.”

Carlson asked Ingram, point blank, if he would publish this.

Carlson -“Not one person is standing up and saying this is true, including the man who wrote it. So would you publish this yourself if you were running a news organization?”

Ingram — “Yes”

Carlson – “Then you have low standards”

Watch video via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Fake news is now the norm in mainstream media!

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