Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Buzzfeed’s Editor-In-Chief On Decision To Publish FAKE NEWS Dossier (Video)

Tucker Carlson Destroys Fake News BuzzFeed

President Donald Trump got it right when he called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage” after they pushed a huge fake news story in an attempt to smear the President before was even sworn into office.

On Wednesday night Tucker Carlson absolutely grilled the Editor-in-Chief for the “failing pile of garbage” over his decisions to publish the wildly inaccurate dossier attacking Donald Trump.

Carlson starts the conversations by saying:


Let me just ask the obvious question which is: let’s say I had an unverified document given to me by one of your enemies claiming that you had committed a sex crime and lets say that document is in the hands of law enforcement but they had not pressed charges against you. Lets say that I had no evidence at all that it was true but i did know that releasing would gravely damage your reputation. Should I release it?

The back and forth that follows is epic as Carlson grills the Editor-in-Chief from BuzzFeed…


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